Drive In Services

We are currently meeting in our worship center. Due to Covid restrictions and local concerns we have had to hold drive in services in the past.

Here are a few rules and guidelines we’d ask you to follow when you attend the drive in services.

  1. The church building will be open for bathroom use. 
  2. Please plan to come no later than 10:20am to provide ample time for parking.
  3. Please enter the top entrance to the parking lot and follow directions from parking crew.  (lower will be closed.)
  4. Please do not leave your vehicle at any time.
  5. Tithes and Offerings will be collected as you exit the parking lot at the close
    of the service.
  6. Bulletins and other items distributed will be handed out by volunteers using protective gear and safe practices.  
  7. Feel free to keep your car running with A/C and tune your radios to 97.9 FM
  8. Again, please do not leave your vehicle.