adult sunday school

Listed below are a variety of Adult Sunday School classes available:

  • How to study the Bible for

    College and Career Adults

    Kevin Reamey teaches a Core Seminar on Bible Basics.

    He teaches "Tools for How to Study the Bible" in the classroom that is downstairs at the bottom of the education wing stairwell to the college and career adults.

  • how to study the Bible for Adults

    Join a Core Seminar on Bible Basics and "Learn Tools for How to Study the Bible." 

    Room near elevator - Couples with E.L. and Karen McGuire


    Join Anna Laura Simpson and Alan Hullette for a Core Seminar called "Jump Start."

    They are teaching on the basics of Christian life. This class meets in Room 219.

  • Bible doctrines FOR ADULTS

    This Co-Ed 2 class is offered in classroom Room 210 with Randy Krantz as they work through Bible Doctrines. 

  • Adult Bible study - Acts 13-28

    Room 220 - Co-Ed Adult 1 with Bill Shepherd

    Room 210 - Co-Ed Adult 2 with Jimmy Robertson

    Room 215 - This Mens 2 with Chuck Wheeler and Cliff Overstreet

  • Womens Bible Study

    Room 214 - Meeting next to the library with Sue Saunders studying "Really Bad Women in the Bible".

    Room 216 - This Ladies 2 class is offered in room 216 working through Bible Studies for Life.