dinner at the giganti's

Arriving in June, 2015 Mark and I discussed a way to get to know our new church family. We decide to invite everyone who wanted to participate to come to "Dinner at the Giganti's".  Anyone interested put their name in a fishbowl and we had Tina (our church secretary) pull out 6 names twice a month for 6 months. Starting in January 2016, a total of 12 groups participated (8 per dinner including Mark and I).  We served the same main course each time. A homemade Italian feast!  Mark makes a delicious "gravy" from scratch (aka spaghetti sauce), pasta, meat balls, sausage, brajole and garlic bread. We also served a salad and 2 dessert options that were contributed by our guests. At the end of the evening we would take a selfie on the stairs (which are pictured in the gallery below). Unfortunately we came up with the selfie idea on week 2 so we are missing the first group. We really enjoyed getting to know everyone on such a personal level so soon after we arrived.

Such a blessing!

                       In His name,

                                            Beth Giganti